Social Concerns

  • Nethradaana

    Dr. Rajkumar Trust is funded by Sri Vajreshwari Combines. The primary objective is to increase eye donations through public awareness. There are more than 3.5 million people in India who are sightless, and more than 25,000 get affected annually. Given the current rate of eye donations, it will take India 112 years to completely eradicate corneal blindness. As the patients line-up and the wait to get treatment gets longer day-by-day, it is time to stand up to the challenge and bring the much needed change.

  • Shakthidhama

    Shakthidhama was founded in February 1997 with a broad spectrum of objectives to ameliorate socio-economic problems of women in distress. The main focus of the project is to rehabilitate destitute and estranged women towards economic self-reliance. The greatest boon is that the women are allowed to live with their children here. Presently the buildings in Mysore accommodate nearly 80 women. It consists of an administrative block, two dormitory building to house 80 women, a modern kitchen and a spacious dining hall with required amenities.

  • Rakthadaana

    Sri Vajreshwari Combines has been involved in organizing Blood Donation camps all over the state. By trying to create an awareness of Blood Donation, it is requested from the fan base to indulge themselves in these camps supervised by us and help save lives. Earlier, when a new movie of Dr. Raj would release, his fans would organize massive blood donation camps and the donors would be honored with a ticket for the movie. The same would be done for any upcoming releases from this banner.

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